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Join our Creators Collective and get access to exclusive brand offers, products, and sponsorships!

The Collab Creators Collective offers all content creators and influencers access to exclusive brand ambassador programs, referral opportunities, and paid sponsorships.

Current Programs

Anyone who creates content on social media can apply, and programs change monthly. See below to sign up for our currently available programs.

Access the Creator Collective
If you're an approved Creator Collective member you can login using your invite link. If you are not a member yet, you can get invited by participating in one of the programs below.

Need Support?
You can reach your specific program team using the support email provided at sign-up or contact our creator team using this form. For our referral payment form, please click here.

Current Programs

Beauty & Skincare Ambassador Program

This content creation program is for a new short-form video shopping app in the beauty, makeup, wellness, grooming, haircare, and skincare space and offers creators their choice of products from most top brands for free in return for posting in-app 30-to-60 second video reviews.

Upon approval, Creators can select and review 3 items, and once the initial reviews are completed, they can upgraded to full ambassador status and be able to select 8 items at a time with no price limit to review every month. Full ambassadors are eligible for paid sponsorships, referral payouts, and affiliate bonuses for views and sales from their content. 

Open to all U.S. creators, age 18+, of any gender, with no follower requirements. ​No social media posting is required, only in-app content creation similar to Instagram Reels or TikTok videos.

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